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Africa is an exotic destination that allows us to experience an unique adventure while supporting the local community. Therefore, in addition of exploring the fauna and flora of the different regions, you can also do your bit and contribute to the social and sustainable development of this countries.
Choosing a country for a volunteering program in Africa can be a difficult decision, as each country offers unique experiences and opportunities. If you are considering in joining a volunteering program you may be wondering which country would be the best fit for you. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your destination:
-    Purpose of volunteering: In CF we offer several programs that may vary between countries in order to meet the needs and requirements of each community. For example, if you are would like to participate in the training of entrepreneur women you can chose our entrepreneur education program that is carried out in South Africa. If instead you would like to immerse yourself in a local farm helping in preparing the land for sowing and planting, you can choose our farm program that you can carry out in Ghana or Togo.
-    Cultural immersion: Each country has different culture and different way of living, it is important to research  information about the cultural characteristics of the countries that you are considering to see if they fit with you expectations.

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