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Artistic Minds. Me and My Stranger. Sarah Vanhee.

In Me and My Stranger the Belgium performer and theatre-maker Sarah Vanhee is exploring the notion of the stranger. Her lecture performance is strongly related to the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy and his novel L’Intrus.

Vanhee also traces an ark to the current political situation in Belgium and appeals to the highly problematic issue of immigration. Moreover she includes scientific, microbiological descriptions in her lecture by talking about the human immune system being assaulted by something strange.

Sarah Vanhee (°1980, Oostende, BE) an artist, performer and author. Her interdisciplinary work travels in between civil space and institutional art field. She worked in prisons, private living rooms, theatres, on public canvases, in corporate meeting rooms, etc. Recent works include amongst others The Making of Justice (film), Oblivion (stage performance), Untitled (meetings in private houses), Lecture For Every One (series of intrusions), The C-Project (artist novel and work in public space), the Great Public Sale of Unrealized but Brilliant Ideas (auction), Turning Turning (performance).

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