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Artistic Minds. Linda by Tokiska and Rosalía.

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Rosalía vindicates “uncomfortable” feminism in “Linda” with Tokischa.

Rosalía premiered a new song, “Linda”, a “dembow” in which she recovers her fusion of Spanish, urban and Latin folk roots with the Dominican Tokischa. Really called Tokischa Altagracia Peralta, she is the author of songs like “Mala” and has become known in just three years for a strong feminist position from styles such as reggaeton, trap, dembow and dance hall.

“Tokischa is an irreverent woman, a woman who speaks directly, who speaks loudly and that makes people uncomfortable, (…) a key and necessary woman, someone who does not fit into any canon, but because of her acclaim of freedom she represents us to all “, highlights Rosalía

Who are these remarkable women ?

Tokischa cultivates various musical styles, where trap, hip hop, rap and urbano stand out. However, she has stated in different occasions that there is no genre that identifies her. Her songs have quite personal and "the most honest possible" lyrics. One artist who inspired her early in her career was DJ Scuff. Tokischa is also a fan of rock music. She has stated that: "I chose to trap because it is the closest thing ther".is now to rock, which has always been my favorite genre. Trap is modern rock. At that time I was very unleashed, and I expressed myself that way. (Shangay, 2021)

Rosalía is a feminist. After being congratulated at the 2019 Billboard Women in Music gala, the singer stated: "I was fifteen when I entered a recording studio for the first time having all this women as references. I was so shocked by the fact that there were only men in that session that, since that moment, I've been fighting for having the same number of men and women in the studio. As simple as that". Her studio album El Mal Querer revolves around the liberation of a female from a toxic heterosexual relationship. Rosalía is also pro-choice. In April 2019, during a concert in Mexico, she wore a green handkerchief in support of the National Campaign for the Right to Legal, Safe and Free Abortion (Efeminsta, 2020)

Curator Munllonch

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