• Sonia Martinez Llorens

Talk about us.Las Sinsombrero, a struggle for equality that still continues.

Throughout history, dozens of women have struggled to achieve a prominent position occupied mainly by men and "Las Sinsombrero" probably knew that it would be difficult for their work to be recognized with the passage of time. They lived in exile and in the shadow of men, but that was not a reason to give up in their struggle for women's equality and to continue thinking... “Las Sinsombrero” are women who contributed as much in the field of culture as in gender equality and we should be grateful for their struggle; that we continue to fight for rights, that we continue to defend for injustices, that we continue to condemn, because they show us that, throughout history, there have always been and always will be extraordinary, brilliant, talented women who inspire us.

Pic from Jeremy Bishop @tentides

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