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Talk about us. Maria Zileni Zaloumis, CEO of Tuzini Farms,

ūüĆĻTalk about us. Maria Zileni Zaloumis is the CEO of Tuzini Farms, a commercial farming company that specializes in growing tomato. She is a member of the Zambia National Farmers Union. Syngenta and Omnia have recognized her as Zambia‚Äôs Youngest Female Farmer.‚Ā£ ‚Ā£ Before starting her own company, Maria studied nursing at the Australian Catholic University in Australia, where she practiced and later came back to Zambia where she struggled to get a job. She then decided to take over a section of her family‚Äôs farm (then Mariangale Farms) and has since turned it into a commercial entity. Soon after, she landed contracts to supply both Food Lovers Market and Choppies. She started with only half a hectare of tomato and now she has thirteen hectares.ūüćÖ‚Ā£ ‚Ā£ ‚̧ԳŹMaria is a Nurse Practitioner and a professional masseuse. She has a Bachelor of Nursing, a Master in Cardiology and a Diploma in Business.‚Ā£ ‚Ā£ ūüďćMaria has a interesting entrepreneurial journey and she has speaks up several times insight on how cognitive dissonance can improve your skills in business and running a business with medical precision.‚Ā£ ‚Ā£ Pic by ‚Ā£Maria Zileni Zaloumis https://www.facebook.com/tuzinifarms/

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