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Talk about us. Smile ¡ You are an entrepreneur and a woman. Part II

I decided to start teaching English while I was studying at University to get some extra cash. English was easy for me and I pretty much enjoyed it a lot, so I started giving some tuition lessons at home and soon enough I rented a flat with a school friend of mine and started teaching more and more people. I love teaching and I particularly love teaching English. I have never studied an English degree at College, but I managed to combine my Human Studies degree with getting all the English Certificates possible that allowed me to teach the language, and keeping up with my English through traveling around and staying away as much as I could, even if that meant asking for a bank loan. The business got bigger and due to partnership differences, after some years, I finally flew solo. I am used to being me alone, setting my own timings, as well as making my own decisions and running my own path, in life and at work. So, 20 years later,

Money doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes it’s hard to make ends meet. In my case it’s about the summer months. Once the school year is over, July is the month I must reinvent myself and work in many new different activities: summer camps (which I love, btw), intensive courses, English trips away.... Schools where I live start in September and end up in June, so it’s 10 months of stability, 1 month of craziness and 1 off-work month in August when I don’t work and I have to live on savings. It’s definitively not a piece of cake, but I have managed to get along efficiently. The worst time is by May when I have to start organizing my July calendar, and the best is, no doubt, starting September, when lessons begin so that means that I know that for the next 10 months my income would be stable. It’s also the time for my tax payments


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