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& Team : Gulnar Bayramova

& Team : Gulnar Bayramova , #voluntereer : Fundraising Manager ⁠

As Fundraising Manager, my role is to coordinate the fundraising #efforts. This requires overseeing all the fundraising functions including identifying and #researching prospects, communicating and advising on fundraising opportunities as well as leading proposal development and submission processes.⁠

I hold MSc degree in Development Management from London School of Economics and Political Science and currently doing a Diploma degree in Human Rights and Forced Displacement at the UN University for Peace. I have more than 6 year of experience in developing and implementing different institutional capacity building, research, and technical assistance projects funded by various international development organisations.⁠

I strongly believe that the female entrepreneurs are important drivers of economic and inclusive development. As there is there is global awareness of the need to address women’s equal access to business leadership and entrepreneurship, by developing resources, I hope to contribute to the noble objective of Coachability Foundation that is to support entrepreneurial women around the world.⁠

I⁠f you want to join us please contact to us or our twitter account

@coachabilityf ⁠

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