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Wed Music. Afeto by Mayra Andrade.

♪ Wed Music. ❛ Afeto by Mayra Andrade ⁠❜⁠ ⁠

Enjoying with this inspiring song.

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⌘ Who is this #remarkable woman ?⁠

Mayra Andrade (born13 February 1985) is a Cape Verdean singer who lives and records in Lisbon, Portugal. Often compared toCesária Évora, Andrade has been praised for her modern interpretation of the traditional Cape Verdeanmornamusic.

Although she was born in Cuba, Andrade's parents are both Cape Verdean, and she and her family returned to Cape Verde a few days after her birth. Andrade spent the first years of her life in Cape Verde, but because her father was a diplomat for the Cape Verdean government, she traveled extensively with her family and lived in many countries during her childhood. Hence, during her childhood, she lived in Senegal, Angola, and Germany.

However, she spent around two months of the year in the Cape Verdean island of Santiago. Andrade moved to Paris in 2002 when she was 17 years old and lived there until late 2015 when she moved to Lisbon, Portugal.

She is multilingual, but most of the lyrics of the songs on her albums are in her native Cape Verdean Crioulo language. The first song she remembers singing is "O Leãozinho" by the Brazilian musician Caetano Veloso, whom she has cited as a musical influence.

Source : Wikipedia

⁠Pic and Credits ©Mayra Andrade

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