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Wed Music. Fleur De Saison by Emilie Simon

Wed Music. ⠀We recommend you this song for to engage with your project. ⠀

Emilie Simon - Fleur De Saison⠀⠀

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Who is that girl ?

Émilie Simon (born 1978 in Montpellier, Occitanie, France) is a French singer, songwriter and composer of electronic music.⠀⠀Live at the Paleo Festival, 23 July 2004⠀⠀In May 2003, she released her debut album Émilie Simon. The electronic album was critically acclaimed and went on to become a commercial success. To promote her album, she did numerous live performances and TV appearances all over France. In 2004, she was rewarded with a Victoire de la musique in the 'Electronic Album' category for the album.⠀⠀

Two music videos were made to promote Émilie Simon for the songs "Désert" and "Flowers". The English version of "Désert" had an identical music video to the French version. Émilie Simon was also re-released in certain parts of the world with additional tracks. Despite having been released for over three years, the album was still charting in the French mid-price album charts in late January 2007.

More recently, Émilie Simon has begun performing and releasing CDs in the United States. Her first U.S. release, The Flower Book, came out November 2006. The release was followed by a brief tour to New York and Los Angeles. In April 2007 Émilie released her second recording in the United States, The March of the Empress, and a third, The Big Machine, in 2011.

Pic by Emilie Simon.


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