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Wed Music. Kona by Sho Madjozi.

Our recommendation for today is this special song.

¡Iyhaa, yo Sho Madjozi, iyhaa!

Kona, wela kona Kona, wela kona Kona, wela kona Kona, wela kona

From her native Limpopo to the Hollywood panel on the heights of Los Angeles, the South African rapper wears the colors of her province to which she is so attached in the “Kona” visual. Meaning “we belong everywhere”, the message of “Kona” is well transcribed in this music video, where Sho can be seen dancing xibelani between the dry gorges of the L.A River and a traditional village festival in the northeast region of South Africa.

Who is this #remarkable woman ?

Maya Christinah Xichavo Wegerif (born 9 May 1992), known professionally as Sho Madjozi, is a South African rapper, singer, songwriter, actress and poet. Regarded as one of the best performers in Africa, Madjozi incorporates the Tsonga culture through her music and public image.

Madjozi uses a Tsonga signature style concerning her music and fashion sense. Being unapologetically proud of her culture, Tsonga, she commonly plays with the traditional wear. Madjozi usually performs the indigenous xibelani dance where she wears a skirt called a tinguvu around her waist, then shakes the waist which creates attentiveness on her performances. Besides her culture-influenced style, Madjozi dismisses a colourful image with many elements attached. Superbalist writer Kenny Morifi-Winslow added, "I think there is an interesting transfer of energy when our favorite parts of public figures become the things that we hid from ourselves or tried to change", commending Madjozi

You can enjoy of our women voice's play list.

Source by Pan African Music and Wikipedia.

Pic by Sho Madjozi.

Curator @munllonch

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