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Wed Music. M'pongo Love.

Wed Music. M'pongo Love

Our recommendation for today have a congolese sabour.

Who is this #remarkablewoman ?

Aimee Françoise M'Pongo Langu (27 August 1956 – 15 January 1990), known professionally as M'Pongo Love, was a Congolese singer and songwriter. First taking up singing in a church choir, she quit her job when she was 19 years old to pursue a career as a vocalist. Beginning with support from other established musicians, M'Pongo eventually began writing her own compositions, often utilising feminist themes.

M'Pongo sang in a clear, slightly nasal voice and utilised precise intonations.During her performances she braced herself on the sides of the stage to compensate for her physical disability. Compared to her contemporaries, M'Pongo was the most feminist of all women soukous singers and actively criticised polygamy and the practice of keeping mistresses in her music. In a 1989 interview she explained her feminist views:

I sing about women's problems, I try to give them courage...and I will stop singing when the relations between men and women in Africa become problem free. But what African man doesn't have a mistress?
In addition to a hard life, women have a lot to endure. I have a feminist duty to see they fight, that they defend themselves, that they hold their heads high, that they take independent women as examples...We must know how to say what we are, we African women, without fearing all the modernism we need to assimilate.

〰️ Check out the link if you want to enjoy of more women's voices

Pic and Credit M'pongo Love.

Source wikipedia

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