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Wed Music. "Nada" by Lido Pimienta ⁠

🎵Wed Music. Nada by Lido Pimienta ⁠

Today, we recommend this amazing song. Enjoy ¡ ⁠

🗼You can listen to our recommended song and our entire selection in our playlist on our YouTube channel. Visit the link and you will enjoyed it.⁠

💮Who is this#remarkablesinger ? ⁠

Lido Pimienta (born 1986) is a Colombian Canadian musician, singer, and songwriter. ⁠

She rose to prominence after her 2016 album, La Papessa, won the $50,000 2017 Polaris Music Prize.⁠

Her music incorporates a variety of styles and influences, including traditional indigenous and Afro-Colombian musical styles, as well as contemporary synthpop and electronic music⁠

✔️In addition to working as a musician, Pimienta is also a visual artist and curator, and her work has been described as exploring "the politics of gender, race, motherhood, identity and the construct of the Canadian landscape in the Latin American"; her work was exhibited in the group exhibition FEMINISTRY IS HERE at Mercer Union gallery in Toronto⁠

Pic by Lido Pimienta and Tanja-Tiziana⁠

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