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♩Wed Music. Own Your Own by Yazmin Lacey⁠

♩Wed Music. Own Your Own by Yazmin Lacey⁠ “If someone gives you a chance you’ve got to step up ”.⁠

⁠⌘ Who is that #remarkable woman ? ⁠ ⁠Yazmin Lacey (born in east London) is a British singer based in Nottingham.⁠ Having written in her bedroom for her whole life, Lacey began to play acoustic shows in 2014. As her reputation grew locally in Nottingham, she came to meet the diverse group of musicians who would form her band The Running Circle.⁠ The beginnings

Yazmin Lacey didn’t exactly elbow her way into a career as a singer of smoky, soulful jazz music; she had to be enticed. Growing up in a musical family in east London, she had a strong singing voice but never felt inclined to show it off. Shortly after moving to Nottingham, she let her guard down. “I’d had a lot to drink,” she laughs. “Someone persuaded me to sing. Then this girl came over and said, ‘Oh my gosh, I run this acoustic night, do you want to perform?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, take my number.’ Gradually, while working at a children’s charity by day, Lacey built up a repertoire and a following. Performing at a night organised by Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings brought her to the attention of Future Bubblers, the label’s talent discovery scheme, and she was accepted on to the year-long development programme. It connected her with like-minded musicians and set her up to release an assured, richly debut EP, BlackMoon Killian Fox, The Guardian / Observer

Pic © Yasmin Lacey ⁠ Sourcers :, Wikipedia ⁠ and Spotify

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