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Wed Music. Remedy by Desta French

Updated: Apr 29

Wed Music. Shame by Desta French is best recommendation for today.

♡ Who is this #remarkablewoman ? ⁠

Desta Frenchis half Italian, half Colombian and lives in North London. You can totally feel the influences clashing in her wonderful songs.

In many ways, her unique style and sound could not have come about anywhere else than London. “I don’t feel too much of a connection with English culture, I’m pretty ignorant to it,” French explains. “But I’m very much a Londoner. I love the clashes of culture you find everywhere, you’re constantly being enriched by sounds and visuals, around every corner.” The singer reveals her mixed heritage allowed her to oscillate between the eclectic identities that thrive in London. “I’m fairly articulate, I went to uni, my skin is white, I was raised in central London. But I’m working class, I grew up in the ends, my parents first languages are Spanish and Italian and they were dealing with their own cultural differences behind closed doors.” This ability to blend in helped her navigate the colourful and complex city and write a new chapter in London’s unique soundscape.

Source by Wikpedia and schonmagazine.com

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