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Artistic Mind. Long distance Call by Prune Phi.


📍Artist Minds @prunephi and her work Long Distance Call.‘The vietnamerican’ identity. ⭕ Gone to the USA looking for my family that I never met before, I lived for five months between Vietnamese traditions and ultra contemporary America.

Blindly, I dived into a community I knew nothing about hoping to learn more about my own origins. My great uncle and his children, vietnamese war refugees, welcomed me into their homes allowing me to embrace a very unique culture in the middle of the Silicon Valley, its tech companies, buddhists temples, shopping malls, and vietnamese fast food. 📌Everything seems preserved and authentic: traditions, language, food, way of life. Long Distance Call is a translation of my experience in such environment, starting with this blurry phone call I made last year asking unknown persons to come visit them and who became my family. This adventure was not only eyes opening towards a huge part of my genealogical tree, but was a complete discovery of a proudly claimed ‘vietnamerican’ identity.

Pic and text by @prunephi 




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Common Stories.The perfect imperfection.

April 16, 2018

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