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Artistic Minds. Alicia Alonso




Artistic Minds. Alicia Alonso.An amazing and inspiring life.⁠⁠


A ballerina of unusual range and power, she continued to dance into her 70s despite chronic vision problems.⁠⁠

Ms. Alonso endured her disability stoically. “I can accept my blindness,” she said. “I don’t want my audience thinking that if I dance badly, it is because of my eyes. ⁠Or if I dance well, it is in spite of them. This is not how an artist should be.”⁠



Only we want to say see you later Ms.Alonso, you has inspiring a hundreds of women. Your resilience it is the best example ; no excuses.⁠⁠


Who was this  artist ?

⁠Alicia Alonso was born in Cuba; she is a ballerina and choreographer. She is remembered for her role as Carmen and Giselle in La Scala. She performed with renowned bands such as the Vienna, Prague State Operas and Paris Opera Ballet.⁠She is the founder of Alicia Alonso Ballet Company in 1948. She became the first dancer from Western to receive an invitation to perform at the Soviet Union.


⁠⁠⁠⁠Pic and source ©Alicia Alonso



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