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Talk about us. The influence of the story that we tell in our life.

November 20, 2019

📌Talk about us. The influence of the story that we tell in our life.⁠

⚛️ Since the ancient tribes were in the world, the humanity tell stories. All the knowledge of the ancient times were communicated with words, and with the stories that they told. Nowadays we continue telling stories, but we use different channels to express ourselves and to communicate with other people.⁠

Everyone narrate a story, their own story, depending on certain points of theirs life, those points that are important for them. If we fix attention in a concrete fact our mind will build a story that will be coherent on that because the mind search coherence with the personal beliefs. This is one of the reasons that shows the importance of investing  time to think about our personal story.⁠

Another reason to think about our story is that we can connect with other human beings in your own way, your story is your personal presence in the world and you can create it.⁠

Searching information to write this article I find some important questions to think that can help us when we will build our own story:⁠

✔️where did you come from?⁠
✔️what was the biggest adversity that you overcame?⁠

✔️what did you learn?⁠
✔️what was the most significan thing that happened in your life growing up?⁠

✔️what do you love about your life now?⁠

✔️what drives you now?⁠
✔️what does your future look like?⁠

⚛️ I’m convinced that making a review in our personal story will help us in our capacity to influence and to be in touch with others.⁠

Written by Montse Ferrer i Masagué⁠

Pic by Wonderland.⁠

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