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The aim of these projects is to alleviate poverty and to create jobs in their communities - to formulate ideas that will help both the youth and women physically, spiritually and economically to enable them to break the cycle of poverty.

​Volunteers will have the opportunity to work on the existing projects in the communities and to be involved in fund raising activities. Some of these projects might require a volunteer to teach the groups basic and conversational English, basic proposal writing and marketing and advertising strategies.

At the end of the training program COACHABILITY FOUNDATION gives small grants to the trainees so they are able to start their own business. Other activities include candle making, tie dye, batik making, dress making, farming, soap making, computer literacy and much more. The project allows volunteers to be immersed quickly into the culture of the people.

Economic Program-Volunteers will work to develop programs focused on youth and women in the communities. Tasks might include grant writing, fund raising activities to support the capital base of the project, conducting regular marketing initiatives throughout your stay to expose and attract the products from the youth and women projects to both local and international market, lead women/youth workshops on issues related to health, relationships, art and business.

Coachability Foundation works in partnership with hundreds of grassroots projects that are run by local communities in countries with fragile economy, like South Africa, Togo, Ghana, Kenya.

The goal of the program is to make a positive impact in  the communities and in the people - to help alleviate poverty in the communities, promoting a wide experience exchange between cultures, strengthening constant and growing developmental projects in the communities. It is the ideal travel experience for groups, and solo travellers who want to go beyond the ordinary to extra ordinary.


Touch lives, give hope and life ! 

The program also aimed at those who are willing to have the satisfaction of sharing, learning and helping in the construction a healthy communities and visualization of making the project a worthwhile. Volunteers work in rural banks, micro-finance institutions, youth in agriculture project, small businesses. This involved team-work, teambuilding, communication and presentation of skills by working with the communities.


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