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The term "womenpreneur" is a combination of the words "woman" and "entrepreneur". It refers to a woman who has an entrepreneurial mindset and has started her own business or is working on developing a business idea.

Being a womenpreneur may involve facing unique challenges, such as gender discrimination or lack of access to financing and resources, but it can also provide opportunities to advocate for gender equality and lead in innovation and social change. In summary, a womenpreneur is a woman who is taking initiative and owning her own business or entrepreneurial project.

Why Coachability Foundation Promotes Womenpreneurs in Fragile Economies, Especially in Southern Africa.

At Coachability Foundation, our mission is to empower women entrepreneurs in fragile economies, with a special focus on the southern region of Africa. We believe in the transformative power of women-led businesses to drive economic growth, foster innovation, and create sustainable development. Here’s why supporting womenpreneurs in these regions is central to our mission:

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✓ Women in fragile economies are more likely to be entrepreneurs than women in non-fragile economies. According to the World Bank, women in fragile states are twice as likely to be entrepreneurs as women in non-fragile states.

✓ Women entrepreneurs in fragile economies face numerous challenges, including limited access to capital, lack of infrastructure, and political instability. These challenges can make it difficult for women to start and grow successful businesses.

✓ Despite the challenges, women entrepreneurs in fragile economies are making significant contributions to their communities and economies. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), women entrepreneurs in fragile states create more jobs than their male counterparts.

✓ The ILO also reports that women entrepreneurs in fragile economies are more likely to employ other women, thereby contributing to gender equality and economic empowerment.


✓ The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) reports that women in fragile states are more likely to start businesses out of necessity rather than opportunity. This means that women in these economies are more likely to start businesses in order to survive and provide for themselves and their families.

✓ Women entrepreneurs in fragile economies often lack access to formal financial institutions and instead rely on informal networks for financing. The ILO reports that women entrepreneurs in fragile states are more likely to borrow from family and friends, while men are more likely to borrow from banks.

✓ Despite the challenges, there are numerous initiatives working to support women entrepreneurs in fragile economies. These include the World Bank's Women's Entrepreneurship Finance Initiative (We-Fi), which aims to provide women entrepreneurs with access to finance, as well as various UN and NGO programs, like Coachability Foundation that offer training, mentoring, and networking opportunities.

In a world where women are breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings, the concept of womenpreneurs has emerged as a powerful force. Womenpreneurs are female entrepreneurs who are making their mark in the business world, defying gender norms and creating successful enterprises. Despite facing numerous challenges, womenpreneurs exhibit determination, passion, and resilience as they navigate the entrepreneurial landscape. With initiatives and support systems in place, womenpreneur are gaining access to resources and opportunities, fostering innovation, and driving positive change in society.

The rise of womenpreneurs is a testament to the strength, talent, and potential of women in business. As we continue to celebrate and support women entrepreneurs, it is crucial to break down barriers and address the systemic challenges they face. By providing equal opportunities, fostering mentorship programs, and promoting diversity and inclusion, we can create an environment that empowers and uplifts womenpreneurs. Together, let us build a future where the word "womenpreneur" is no longer a concept but a common and celebrated reality

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The views and opinions expressed here in and those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the organization (Coachability Foundation) .The opinions expressed in this document are the sole responsibility of the author and may not coincide with those of the organization.

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