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To aim is to launch the first women business incubator in Reiger Park Johannesburg South Africa.

We are looking for a funds to support this project. The main objective is to enhance the life of a little community of 48 entrepreneur women from the economic and emotional perspective.  The economical situation of Reiger Park will be improved through a circular economy.






The goal is to open a business incubator where entrepreneurs will share a common physical space (office), and internet.

The incubator will be open 24/7 for 15 months. This space will be usable in many diferentts ways.

It could be used as a training space for entrepreneurs, it could also be used as a mini office where each entrepreneur will manage their own project, and could also serve as a temporal storage space of the related project materials.


Group and individual training will be provided in areas such as management   (many online workshops from Netherlands and Spain about how to prepare a business plan, retail plan, social media etc…  could be used), entrepreneurship (online workshops related to to become an entrepreneur,  what does it mean to be a entrepreneur, how to develop certain skills, crowdfunding campaigns…),  and empowerment (online workshops related to “women and power,  how can I manage myself, the feminism nowadays, women support women, empowering from my own self).

Project Manager : Montse Domínguez i Munllonch 


This project intends to support 3 projects leaded by 6 people, hiring indirectly 33 people from the local community. In the near future it aims to support 7 more projects hiring indirectly a total of 50 people also from the local community.
The re-tension in future projects, the hiring of community members and the support of groups of women at risk, are key aspects of our project to empower women who want to have a key economic independence for their professional and intellectual development.



383 Arthur Hobbs Street, Reiger Park
Boksburg GP 1459, Johannesburg SouthAfrica.

Reiger Park is a coloured township situated in Boksburg in the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality, Gauteng, South Africa

Because Reiger Park is a township.

In South Africa, the terms township and location usually refer to the often underdeveloped racially segregated urban areas that, from the late 19th century until the end of apartheid. Townships were usually built on the periphery of towns and cities. 

The term township also has a distinct legal meaning in South Africa's system of land title, which carries no racial connotations.

Some relevant figures are:


  • There are 34,6% of female headed households, from which 27,4 % don't have any employed member.

  • 45,3% of Young (15-34) female unemployment rate

  • 6,6% of Female workers are own-account workers.

  • More than half of the women have achieved a high school degree or higher.


The statistics reveal a very high unemployment rate among women. Among employed women only a very little fraction are own-account workers. Unemployment is especially relevant in young women. At the same time, education statistics show than more than half of the women could potentially have a good educational basis to become entrepreneurs.

Source : Statistics South Africa.




There is an initial group of 48 entrepreneur women proposing 35 projects. From these 35 projects, a total of 14 can be considered mature projects, but only 10 are ready to be implemented. From these 10, a final selection of 3 is made.


The characteristics of the 3 pre-selected projects are: rapid implementation, maximum employability, maximum economic impact on the community, and coverage of a real demand of the local market.


The women proposing projects that are not among the three preselected will be offered training through different workshops.


The remaining 11 projects considered mature will receive help seeking funding (networks, crowdfunding platforms, private donations, etc.)


The possible evolution of the not selected projects will be monitored


Status : Achieved .


Rent an office and internet service, to transform a basic office into a business incubator (networks, training, share ideas, be part of the community, and only for the selected projects will be administration departments and little storage).

The second and third workshop was done through Skype (in remote) and was managed  by professionals from the business and coaching sector from Barcelona, ​​Spain.

In that case we worked topics related feminism, empowered women, entrepreneur women .

The ultimate goal of the office is to empower our women.

 They have always thought that they were not prepared or able to have their own personal and financial freedom.

Starting your own business is much more than having an independence is aspiring to interdependence.

Status : The project will be implemented in the following months.



1.Cleaning Company (1 leader and 8 people hired).


The objective of this project is twofold:  first, to respond to the cleaning and maintenance needs of private houses and small businesses in the area, and additionally to employ young girls who have left school at a very early age. They will learn a trade, have a salary and they will move away from the world of drugs rather than implanted in the area.


This project will take place in the rented coworking space. In this space they can meet, distribute the work to the cleaners, allocate tasks and meet customers.


The requested budget is for a first phase of the project, and will go directly to materials. At this time this project is in the phase of looking for customers, suppliers and first collaborations with small businesses in the area.


Project leader : Tselane Maweng

2.Poultry Company  (1 leader and 10 people hired; drivers, deliveries, cleaning farmers, farmers etc).

This project is one with the highest hiring capillarity, the fastest to be implanted and the most scalable. This implies that it can generate more income, and hire more people.


This project will poultry products to individuals directly from the farm, but also to the B2B market as restaurants, small shops, small businesses in the Reiger Park area and surroundings.


At this time the entrepreneur already works in the farm so the implementation of the project would be fast, while knowing the market and all the know-how of the business.


Project leader : Bekezela Dube

3.- Kindergarten (3 leaders  + 1 chef, 1 administrative staff)


These four kidergarden attend differents areas of Reiger Park and Boksburg.

This project is already being carried out but from an unprofessional perspective, the location of the nursery is done from a private home. With the support of ETWA we would look for a location in the downtown area of Reiger Park where we could respond to market demand. At this time the children are mixed without separation of age and without any pedagogical criteria.


At this time the children mix without age separation and without any pedagogical criteria.


With the economic investment, we will hire teachers who will contribute methodology in the classroom.


With this project we want to support single mothers who have to work.


Project leader: Lizette Trollip



Total cost of the project 108.596,38 ZAR - 6.824 Euros.  ACHIEVED 


Rent an office and internet service, to transform a basic office into a business incubator (networks, training, share ideas, be part of the community, and only for the selected projects will be administration departments and little storage). 2020 -2022

The total cost of this phase is  :

Incubator ( 800 rands/month - 9.600 zar per year) 19.200,00   1.197,01 €

Internet  (149 zar/ m. 7GB )

1.788,00  111,47€

Desktop Computers 

2.650,00    165,23

TOTAL = 23.638 RANDS - 1.473,71 €.

PARTIALLY  ACHIEVED with the Event : We are Open. Mood Store Barcelona 30 Maig 2019.

1.075 € have been have been raised.

Status : Achieved 


All projects will be implemented in the Reiger Park community area.


All of them are committed to return part of the money granted, in addition to hiring, if required, professionals from the Reiger Park local community. 

The 3 pre.selected are cost : 

Cleaning Company : estimated cost 

19.779,48 rands - 1.212,41 €


Poultry Company : estimated cost

32.478 rands - 2.024,61 €


Kindergarten: estimated cost 

19.448,98 rands - 1.212,77 €

Status : Achieved 


The remaining projects will be further elaborated with help of European professionals. There will be a second selection to pick the most promising.

The remaining participants will receive training to develop their professional career discovering the skills, and capabilities: How to prepare a CV, how to perform self-candidacies, and receiving training in management (first steps to startup project, organization) and self-improvement (discover my gift, work together, collaboration is the key).

Training Cost : 13.251,92 Rands - 825€

Banking Cost :  1.208,96 - 75 €

Status : Pending 

We are looking for a funds to support this project. If you would like to collaborate donate or buy any piece of our artists' work, please go to our page  SHOP BY DONATE.  
Art, design and solidarity are the best combination to make the entrepreneurs women's project grow.

Thanks to all the people who did possible the project  and special to  Simon Ayemedi, Oriol Esbri, Dubraska Santos  from MOOD STORE and Coachability Foundation Team. 

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