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& Montse Domínguez i Munllonch
Founder and director
  • LinkedIn - Montse Domínguez

 Founder of Coachability Foundation focus to o support entrepreneurship for women. We also provide assistance by providing a mentoring business process in the initial steps. Member of Interaction Design Foundation. 
Currently content coordinator of postgraduate studies in Visual Merchandising at BAU University is my position.Actually, I combine with associate professor in Marketing Management in two masters, one of this is Master of Comercial Spaces at BAU University and the other is University of Barcelona.Nowadays I am speaker in Personal Branding and  Leadership.

& Simon Kudzo Adeyemi
International Program manager
  • LinkedIn - Círculo Negro

 I am in charge of all the international programs in Africa.To enhance and promote a safe, fair, and sustainable future for both local and foreign students, non-students, NGOs, schools, colleges, universities, and communities in Africa. We support global friendship through culture, work exchange, education, and friendly tourism; we support the advancement of quality of life of the African communities socially, economically, and spiritually

  • Montserrat Ferrer Masagué

As a deputy manager of Coachability Foundation, I accompany the organization to be coherent and consistent with their own commitment  to the society.


My contribution consists in analyzing, reviewing and accompanying the Foundation to decide and resolve any possible questions and problems, supporting the planning and following up the organization’s actions.  All of this in order to make the organization activity to be aligned with its own policies and goals to achieve  their purpose.


I would love to foster innovation and creativity in all my activities and specially in the way to help entrepreneur women.

& Sheila Moya Amargós


  • Sheila Moya Amargós

Sheila Moya Amargos is an entrepreneurial woman with a vital and enthusiastic personality interested in sustainability and innovation. She is one of the founders of Pislow, a fashion startup with a technological background that is the result of passion for fashion and the digital world.


It is a pleasure for Coachability Foundation having the collaboration of  Sheila as a brand ambassador. Creativity, innovation and the circular economy are values that we share. Together with the strength to develop professionally as women, from what we are and with everything we do, leaving our legacy in the world to help our future Generations. Together we can do a lot by collaborating to improve the lives of entrepreneur women,  personally and professionally, by supporting projects and collaborating so that they have a social impact making our little piece of the world a little better.


From this respect for the environment and the desire to collaborate in the change and transformation of our environment from sustainability and respect we are pleased to have Sheila as a team member representing us.

 & Belén Rubiales 

volunteer : graphic design

  • LinkedIn - Círculo Negro

I am an Andalusian based in Barcelona. Retail designer and visual merchandiser by profession, I am currently working as a visual merchandising manager for the Mr. Wonderful brand. I collaborate with Coachability Foundation to help many women to be free, as, luckily, I am. Free to decide and do what they want, to reinvent themselves and to have the same opportunities as any other person in the world. 

Agustina Daniela Yazlle

volunteer :Project Manager

  • LinkedIn - Círculo Negro

I believe in collective work and its positive changes. Currently I work as a volunteer in the Coachability Foundation, with the intention of contributing to projects that seek to produce socio-cultural changes, in this case aimed at women entrepreneurs in Africa; reinforcing and promoting their capacities, both individually and collectively to achieve an autonomous life, in advantage and equality.

Noèlia Ribó

volunteer : content writer

& Irene -Jezabel Sánchez Masegosa  

volunteer : Content writer

  • Irene-Jezabel Sánchez Masegosa

This is me, Noelia.I am from Barcelona. I work as an English teacher in a small school I opened some years ago. I've always worked as a teacher and I love it. I have another passion apart from teaching which is traveling around the world. I do it as much as I can, since it gives me the possibility of learning from all the cultures and people I've been able to see and meet. The world is much too enriching to stay at home. I never say no to the chance of growing as a woman and because of this I am so happy and proud to collaborate with  Coachability Foundation. Having the chance to say something to other women based on my experience is an honor. What I stand for and the way I see the world with an honest vision  is what I want to offer. Thanks for listening

Feminist, republican, commie. Mother, journalist, writer and head of communications and image in a press office department specialized in politics .


I participate because, for years, the patriarchy in which we live has alienated us, and they have told us that each woman is alone, at home, taking care of her children, they have taught us not to make groups, and to criticize and to judge one another. It is the time for us to join, it is the time for sorority to know that we are not women, but us. Because we are all one, what happens to one happens to all of us and together we can end this system. That is why,  when it is about helping to empower women, I will always want to collaborate with all the causes.

& Eleni Gkiola

volunteer : Communications & social media outreach

& Virginia Méndez 

volunteer : Content writer

  • Virginia Méndez Blanco
  • Eleni Gkiola

I have been working as a researcher in the field of Social Media and as an OSINT specialist since 2009. My intention is to assist the Foundation into growing in a sustainable way towards its end goal. I align myself with the values of the organisation and I am inspired by its noble cause.


By supporting small-scale business projects of female entrepreneurs, opportunities such as integration into existing economic development structures and strategies against poverty are made possible. One of my aspirations is to reach out a bigger audience for Coachability Foundation’s  work and projects.

By communicating efficiently the profiles of women entrepreneurs and their vision through new and traditional media outlets, the mentality in every level of hierarchy and background amongst all economically active stakeholders and researchers in Europe can change.

If I have to define me in just one word, I would say curious. I like to accept new challenges to see the positive that the new adventure will bring to my live or just to keep learning. I have a long experience in Marketing and I’m currently at the CRM and Loyalty team at a university.  

I’m passionate about the online world as it is a powerful development tool for small, medium or large businesses and it is democratical, educational and self-taught. 

Travel, live and work in South Africa gave me everything: a new vision of the world,  the curiosity I mentioned and the capability to see new images to transform into words. 

I collaborate with Coachability Foundation as a content writer and lecturer and I would like to be involved in millions of social and transformative projects, advising entrepreneur women  in their online marketing strategies.


& Sandra Palau Domènech
  • LinkedIn - Montse Domínguez

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