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❝ If You Want to Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want to Go Far, Go Together ❞
African Proverb

& Montse Domínguez i Munllonch
Co-Founder and Executive Director.

 ❛ As cofounder of Coachability Foundation  and  director I have focus to o support entrepreneurship for women. I also provide assistance by mentoring business process in the initial steps.  
.Nowadays,  I am speaker in Empowering Women, Leadership and Entrepreneurship 

˞I consider myself ❛  Social Entrepreneur ❜ and I pursue novel applications that have the potential to solve community-based problems.I My work contribute to create positive changes in society through their initiatives. Like a Social entrepreneur, I believe that this practice is a way to connect my life's purpose, helping others find theirs, to make a difference in the world.

˞My focus is on ❛ female entrepreneurship ❜ which is a powerful driver of economic growth as well as job creation.Giving a framework for female entrepreneurship will lead us to a more just, balanced and sostenible society.Entrepreneurship is an individual’s ability to turn ideas into action. It includes creativity, innovation, risk taking, ability to plan and manage projects in order to achieve objectives.

˞Currently, I am associate professor in different universities and organizations. Nowadays, I am speaker in Entrepreneurship and Female Empowerment.

~ • My motto is ❝ Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn ❞

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& Montse Ferrer Masagué
Co-Founder and treasure.

❛ As a co.founder and treasure  of Coachability Foundation, I accompany the organization to be coherent and consistent with their own commitment  to the society.


My contribution consists in analyzing, reviewing and accompanying the Foundation to decide and resolve any possible questions and problems, supporting the planning and following up the organization’s actions.  All of this in order to make the organization activity to be aligned with its own policies and goals to achieve  their purpose.


I would love to foster innovation and creativity in all my activities and specially in the way to help entrepreneur women ❜⁠


Oudjah Simpa Fetter

❛ Hotel consultant and travel enthusiast, I am the founder of the consulting firm Africa Hospitality Consultants.
Graduated from the African Center for Higher Studies in Management and then from the Lausanne Hospitality Business School, I had the chance to travel to more than countries around the world.
Sharing my experience and making others benefit from it has always been obvious to me. Having volunteered for several non-governmental
organizations, it is always close to my heart to offer to the most
disadvantaged strata in general and women in particular a neutral framework that promotes learning, entrepreneurship and training while offering them the adequate support.

For I firmly believe that small steps can have a big impact, I am honored to represent the Coachability Foundation as an ambassador. In addition to sharing the values ​​of the foundation, I derive great satisfaction from
supporting its actions by participating in the development of a fundraising strategy. I wish as an ambassador to be able to help the foundation by broadening the scope of its work and by encouraging my professional and personal network to do the same and to participate in creative and effective solutions to support the projects 


Ronell Hartman
Executive Director of Women Entrepreneurs in  Africa,.

❛ A mother, wife, activist and business women who is committed to the cause of empowering young girls and women.A aircraft metalworker with over 10 years experience in the aircraft maintenance and manufacturing field. Being meticulous and precise is a skill that was impressed upon her while working in aviation and those are the skills she is bringing on board as the Johannesburg Co-Ordinator for the Coachability Foundation.

My reason for collaborating with the Coachability Foundation because of the passion, commitment and dedication they have for empowering African women, the time and resources and they continue to make available to the cause and the transparency and accountability they show and require from all involved. ❜⁠


Noèlia Ribó

Volunteer : Content Writer

❛  This is me, Noelia.I am from Barcelona. I work as an English teacher in a small school I opened some years ago. I've always worked as a teacher and I love it. I have another passion apart from teaching which is traveling around the world.


I do it as much as I can, since it gives me the possibility of learning from all the cultures and people I've been able to see and meet. The world is much too enriching to stay at home. I never say no to the chance of growing as a woman and because of this I am so happy and proud to collaborate with  Coachability Foundation.


Having the chance to say something to other women based on my experience is an honor. What I stand for and the way I see the world with an honest vision  is what I want to offer. Thanks for listening ❜⁠


& Irene -Jezabel Sánchez Masegosa  

Volunteer : Content Writer

❛  Feminist, republican, commie. Mother, journalist, writer and head of communications and image in a press office department specialized in politics .


I participate because, for years, the patriarchy in which we live has alienated us, and they have told us that each woman is alone, at home, taking care of her children, they have taught us not to make groups, and to criticize and to judge one another. It is the time for us to join, it is the time for sorority to know that we are not women, but us.


Because we are all one, what happens to one happens to all of us and together we can end this system. That is why,  when it is about helping to empower women, I will always want to collaborate with all the causes ❜⁠

& Belén Rubiales 

Volunteer :  Graphic designer

❛ I am an Andalusian based in Barcelona. Retail designer and visual merchandiser by profession, I am currently working as a visual merchandising manager for the Mr. Wonderful brand. I collaborate with Coachability Foundation to help many women to be free, as, luckily, I am. Free to decide and do what they want, to reinvent themselves and to have the same opportunities as any other person in the world 

JoanSebas 2.JPG

 & Joan Sebastian Cardoso. 

Volunteer :  Graphic design

❛ Joan Sebastian Cardozo is a professional with a social spirit, who through his tools has participated in different projects to support different communities in vulnerable situations, from a very early age and in each of the places where he has worked. 
Design is his main weapon to fight social inequalities and through creativity, together with the Coachability Foundation team, she helps to communicate and make visible women's empowerment projects around the world. 
I am an integral designer where in each of the projects in which I participate I give all my strength and with Coachability I feel that I can contribute with my knowledge to each of these women who seek to overcome different adversities. Because each project is an opportunity and a challenge that we are willing to carry out ❜⁠


thaissaplein 2.jpg

Thaísa Plein

Volunteer :  Graphic designer

❛ I am Thaísa a graphic design senior . I had the opportunity to meet and begin to collaborate with the Coachability Foundation. I found their projects very interesting because they give value and empower women who, for one reason or another, have or have had difficulties in rebuilding their lives. The Foundation helps them regain their confidence and independence through different initiatives. I am a sensitive person and I really appreciate when someone helps or guides you without expecting anything in return. Participating in this Foundation, by contributing with my little grain of sand, is very rewarding as well as enriching. I learn about graphic design as well as from the good example of these people who already worked there. With teamwork of each one of them, great results are achieved ❜⁠

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&  Claudia Saraceni

Volunteer :  Fundraising 

❛ I am Claudia, an Italian with a passion for nature walks and seaside strolls. I can't start my day without a cornetto and cappuccino for breakfast. I love spending time with children as I believe we can learn so much from them. I decided to join the Coachability Foundation as a volunteer because I have always dreamed of working in the field of human rights. I share the values and mission of the foundation and see this as a unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of the sector and learn how to work effectively in this field. I am excited to start this experience and contribute to the work of the Coachability Foundation.❜⁠

& you could be our next volunteer in our team.
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