Womenpreneneurs : an up-close and personal view of women creating power.

An approach to a wide range of women from all over the world  who once decided to become entrepreneurs and to follow their guts and break the rules. We love challenges and breaking rules of the expected, and we love the power of women doing so, these are our women:

I am Clara Canals. I grew up in Barcelona and at 19 years old I co-founded The Barcelona Tequila Trading Company where I am currently responsible for international sales and marketing for our main product Goya Tequila.

Mònica Botta

I am a woman of 46, married and with 3 children, I am a doctor and my profession is related to health management, but despite this, I have wanted to develop a more creative and artistic project my whole life and this is what has made me step forward to achieve it.

My name is Laura, I am 44 years old and I have one daughter and now I am living in the Netherlands. I was born and raised in Spain. My parents emigrated from Uruguay to Spain and my father died when I just became 8 years old. I started my own business (in Coaching field) in 2019 it called Kasares

I am Dolors Arroyo, since I was little I have been a leader. I often expressed my opinion and thought that I would do things to change the world and injustices. I am 40 years old. I was born in Barcelona and since I started working at the age of 16 I was aware that I wanted to be a "BOSS". Later on, I realized that what I really wanted was to do things my way.

Sex, Love & Intimacy Coach for Committed Couples

I am a sex & intimacy coach who has helped hundreds of women and couples reclaim their libido and passion for sex in long-term relationships.

Get my expertise from any corner of the world, as I work with clients remotely via Zoom.

Read my many articles on sex in long-term relationships, female libido and sexual pleasure in the Huffington Post, ScaryMommy, Refinery29, Thrive Global, Thought Catalog, and Medium as well as in the Elite Daily and Bustle where I am regularly featured as a guest sex expert. You can also hear my story and approach on the many podcasts including The Generous Marriage Podcast, Legendary Marriage Podcast, SheVentures Podcast, EverythingEHR - Mental Health Radio, Live in Your Truth Radio, Honor the Feminine, and was one of the speakers at 2016 Ignite Howard County.

Serial entrepreneur on tech startups, investor, currently serving on two boards as NED. Connecting the corporate world with the tech I have always been thinking out of the box, looking for creative solutions to traditional issues, always with a scalability focus.

When being a consultant, I had to think on new ways to solve problems and then implement my proposal to evidence it worked out. 12 years ago, I started bringing the same mindset to the tech startup ecosystem, where I  have several “hats”, looking at everything from different sides of the table.