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Talk about us.Faustina Sakyi, The Ghanaian Cassava farmer who turned her world around.

Faustina Sakyi, a successful cassava farmer in Ghana, was born into a poor family that had to live off the land by farming cassava tubers which were primarily used as food.Now in her 40s, she has built an incredible business opportunity from cassava which she processes into gari – a very popular staple in West Africa. Her product is sold within and beyond the borders of Ghana, including Mali, Niger and Nigeria. In her drive to make a different and brighter future for her kids, this mother of three set out to organize fellow women in her community who were unemployed and needed a sustainable source of income.With over 30 women recruited on her team and a bank loan of 3,400 Ghana Cedis ($1,700), Faustina started her rural cassava processing business.She used the loan capital to support these women to plant cassava on their land, while she bought the harvested cassava tubers from them. This ‘everybody wins’ model allowed Faustina to have a steady and loyal supply of cassava which she processed into "gari "while the women farmers earned a decent living for themselves.

Have a look this video. Only that we can write is we really admire this empowered women. Excellent example for entrepreneur woman in a fragile economy.

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