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ChangerMaker.From Sudan to the Security Council: Sudanese woman lead drive for change⁠.

ChangerMaker.From Sudan to the Security Council: Sudanese woman lead drive for change⁠.

Alaa Salah (born 1996/1997) is a Sudanese student and anti-government protester. She gained world-wide media attention from a picture of her taken during the 2018/2019 Sudanese Revolution by Lana Haroun that went viral in April 2019. The image of Salah has been dubbed as "Woman in White" or "Lady Liberty" of Sudan.⁠

As a member of MANSAM, one of the main Sudanese women's networks who signed the 1 January 2019 Forces of Freedom and Change declaration,⁠

MANSAM or Women of Sudanese Civic and Political Groups (also: Sudan's Women, Political and Civil Groups) is an alliance of eight political women's groups, 18 civil society organisations, two youth groups and indidivuals in Sudan that was active in the Sudanese Revolution

Alaa Salah gave a speech at the 29 October 2019 meeting of the United Nations Security Council, insisting that in the Sudanese transitionary institutions women should have equal representation to men.⁠

⁠Pic by ⁠Alaa Salah. Photo: The Times UK - Mark Harrison.

Source by UN Women ⁠

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Salah, Alaa (4 November 2019). "Statement by Ms. Alaa Salah at the UN Security Council Open Debate on Women, Peace and Security". NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security. Archived from the original on 4 November 2019. Retrieved 21 November 2021.

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