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Ecofeminism. Marichuy "la Vocera"

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Women in Politics. Ecofeminism. Marichuy

María de Jesús Patricio — also known as Marichuy — is the first Indigenous woman to run for president of Mexico, with a modest but radical campaign.

Indigenous movement

Marichuy is widely respected and, since 1994, a participant within the Zapatista indigenous movement, as well as a founding member of the National Indigenous Congress. "We think that compañera Marichuy doesn’t sell out, doesn’t give up and doesn’t surrender, as she was trained inside the CNI, we believe that," said one of the women of the Indigenous Governing Council (CIG) while reading the pronouncement of Marichuy's election.

In 2001, Marichuy spoke before the Congress of the Union about the situation of indigenous women nationwide. At that time, lawmakers directly and indirectly responsible for indigenous human rights violations in Mexico decided not to attend.

In May 2015, the Tuxpan Municipal Government Council delivered the Tuxpan Award of Merit to María de Jesús Patricio Martínez, allotted by the University of Guadalajara's Unit of Support to the Indigenous Communities (UACI), the Coordination of Linkage and Social Services. The award was given to Marichuy in the area of Science and Culture, for her work in the House of Health for preserving traditional and herbal medicine.

Marichuy does not seem like a woman who likes to be in the spotlight. Nevertheless, she decided to take a big step and became the first indigenous woman in Mexico's history to run for president. Life in Mexico is marked by discrimination and violence in many places, especially against women and indigenous people. Every day, ten women are killed in Mexico.

According to a new Amnesty International report, at least ten women and girls are killed every day in Mexico. The report says that all too often, law enforcement fails to investigate the murders properly, leaving the families of the murdered women and girls to seek justice themselves. In 2020, 3,723 women were killed in Mexico, according to the Mexico Public Prosecutors’ Office; just 940 of these murders were investigated as femicides. While women’s rights activists have advocated against femicides, both Mexican law enforcement and the Mexican government have tended to diminish the severity of the problem. (CFR, 2021)

Curator Munllonch

Pic by Pedro Pardo/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images by New York Times.

Source :

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Jump up to:a b "Marichuy, the independent candidate close to the EZLN". 29 May 2017. Retrieved 15 January 2018.

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