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Entrepreneurship.Global women in leadership in 2019

Global women in leadership in 2019

87% proportion of businesses with at least one woman in senior management

29% proportion of senior roles held by women

“For any organisation to be able to make an impact on the critical yet neglected issue of gender diversity, it is imperative to get a complete handle on what the gender parity data is telling us – which in itself will create the case for action” Kavita Mathur, people and culture leader, Grant Thornton India

Global findings Maintaining momentum Globally, progress on gender diversity in business is being made. In the wake of the #MeToo movement and heightened scrutiny of the gender pay gap, 2019 sees the highest percentage of women in senior management on record, at 29%.

This year also marks the biggest increase in the proportion of women in executive roles around the world, rising five percentage points from 24% in 2018, and making it the first time the proportion of women in senior leadership has exceeded one in four. However, positive progress has been slow in coming: improvements stand at only 10 percentage points since our reporting began in 2004, while, by 2018, we saw that numbers had remained static from those recorded a decade ago in 2009. ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

This report gives us the certainty that we have to continue working on the objectives that we set ourselves Coachability Foundation since 2018. Empowering entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs women to be intradependent in their relationships, whatever they may be. We continue to work transformative leadership through creativity, as a tool to provide solutions, see other perspectives, in addition to knowing ourselves.


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