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Female Entrepreneurs : Evelyn Namara

"I had a great understanding of the pain points of the electronic payment system in Uganda but when my friend suggested outsourcing this to another company I thought: ‘

Why outsource, when we can build home grown solutions to solve our problems?"

She founded Vouch Digital a technology start-up building a verified voucher system that helps eliminate fraud and corruption in the distribution of aid for both governments and international aid organizations.

@VouchDigital , Digital vouchers changing the way government and aid organisation cash transfers are distributed

Evelyn Namara is an Ugandan technology entrepreneur with a keen interest in the power Technology has in transforming lives, enabling innovation and entrepreneurship to foster long-term economic development.

She founded Vouch Digital, a fintech start-up working with international aid organizations, governments as well as corporates to help facilitate the distribution of value in form of aid, subsidies, and entitlements to end-users and program participants in a transparent, traceable manner leveraging both digital payments and electronic voucher means.

Currently, she is the Manager, Global SIG and Community Engagement at the Internet Society where she works on defining, managing and coordinating community engagement and mobilization activities across departments to support the Organizational objectives.

Evelyn has lead multiple technologies for development projects in her native Uganda and has worked in the telecommunications industry, renewable energy sector, mobile payments, as well as tech start-ups

In her previous roles, she was Country Director of Solar Sister, a social enterprise that empowers women with economic opportunity using the breakthrough potential of solar technology, she was also Regional Director, East Africa for Beyonic Limited, a technology start-up whose Software -as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for mobile money management enables organizations and businesses to reap the benefits of moving to mobile-based disbursements.

Evelyn holds a Bsc. in Computer Science from Makerere University, a Diploma in Information Technology (Science) from the Uganda Institute of ICT as well as additional trainings in Scalable Internet Services, Scalable Network Infrastructure from the Africa Network Operators Group (AfNOG).

Evelyn was an Internet Society ambassador to the IGF in Brazil as well as a returning ISOC ambassador to the IGF in Mexico. Evelyn is passionate about human rights, women & tech and about the power of the Internet to change lives.

- Honoree, MIPAD Top 100 Most Influential People of African Descent Under 40, Business & Entrepreneurship Class of 2018, UN

- Finalist Cartier Women's Initiative Awards, 2018

- Outstanding Woman in Innovation, MTN Innovation Awards, 2017

- The current chair of the Anita Borg Change Agent Awards selection committee

- Anita Borg Change Agent Award Winner, 2012

- Acumen East African Fellow, 2012

- IDEX fellow, 2015

- IamTheCODE Ambassador

Evelyn is passionate about Technology for Development (ICT4D), Youth and Entrepreneurship as well as empowering women in technology.

She is based in Kampala, Uganda. Website: VOUCHDIGITAL.AFRICA

Pic by Evelyn Namara @evelynnamara

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