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Talk about us.Enigmatic and passionate Frida

Frida Kalho one the closet soul mates of Coachability Foundation.

Frida was a Mexican woman with a strong personality and great strength but with a tough past behind her. She had fragile health due to a serious accident, lived a turbulent life, captivated by a love-hate relationship with her husband Diego de Rivera and her sexual duality. Nowadays, her collection of paintings is the most expensive by a female artist in the world. She expressed her maternal frustration in her work. Her paintings show stunning colors, which portray a wounded and heart-broken Frida.

Sometimes it is said that one forges her own destiny, but it was not the case of Frida Kahlo. Her destiny was marked by a serious accident that broke her spine and her hope to be a mother, leaving her prostate in a bed. Her paintings became her diary. A diary in which she expressed her emotions, sadness, tears, frustrations and in the end, her anger with life: "I look forward to departing, and I hope never to return” she wrote. With 151 paintings, of which there are 55 self-portraits, Frida drew and transmitted her personality and her story, the story of a struggling woman, faithful to her convictions, ideals and, of course, her feelings.

A love that bordered on madness, Frida and Diego lived a limitless passion that lead to betrayal and mutual infidelity. Two artists and, at the same time, defenders of their communist political ideology that maintained a toxic relationship, of comings and goings that united them until the end of Frida's days.

A great artist of posthumous work that has achieved higher value than when she was alive. Frida only had one exhibition held in Mexico a year before her death, at the age of 47. "When I die, burn my body ... I do not want to be buried. I've spent a lot of time lying down ..." And so it was, the day after her death she was cremated and as her body entered the crematorium a sudden heat stroke caused her body to instantly sit up, her hair moved between the embers and her face seemed to smile...

Her house, known as the "Blue House", which she shared with her love and muralist Diego de Rivera, was donated by him to the Mexican Government one year after Frida's death. Now it is a place of worship for, who we could call the "Mexican Goddess", given that her life could have been that of a film star.

Pic from

La Llorona, Chavela Vargas.


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