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Common Stories. Shame.

Shame …

You can hear this expression all the time in South Africa. It is all and nothing.

The last volunteer that I hosted in my house asked me very worried about that. And my answer is always the same. It is an expression, nothing more.

I have been a Host Family for my community and CF since a few years ago. I always worked as a credit manager for an international Japanese company until it closed down. It is shame … because the project was really ambitious and engaging but Africa is Africa.

My Japanese boss did his best, but sometimes this is not enough.

I remember one time he invited us to a barbecue or al least he said that… for south African people meat is it really valued so an invitation for a barbecue is very appealing.

Mr Boss prepared a huge barbecue in a fancy house for all employees; were surprisingly there was a lot of raw fish. It was funny because you could see all employees waiting in front of the meat tables, and no one at the fish table.

I tried raw fish but I couldn't eat it, I don’t like it.

My last volunteer told my that he was a vegetarian.. I can’t believe because I love meat. But I have learnt to make delicious vegetarian dishes.

Since I have been host family I have learnt a lot from different cultures, Japanese, Croatian, and Mexican. But the best part of my currently job is to share experiences with foreign people and be tolerant with the others.

Reiger Park, Boksburg.South Africa.

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