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& Team. Simon Kudzo Ayemedi.

I know Simon for many years ago since I was living in Barcelona. It was a funny meeting because I wanted participate in a volunteering program of Staesa, the NGO run by Simon Ayemedi. My trip was cancelled for a very good reason. Years later, Simon is a key colaborator in our organization.

He is the eyes and heart in Reiger Park. The first place were @coachabilityfoundation landed its project. I consider myself a resilient person but nothing comparable to him. He never gives up even during the toughest times, and always in good mood. Working with him, I have been able to demonstrate that commitment and good humor are key ingredients for this type of international collaboration.Thanks for collaborating with us, Simon. Today, I would like to introduce this inspiring man, although I think it would be so much better if he introduced himself...

Simon Kudzo Ayemendi. International Program in Africa.

I am a co-founder of youth-link foundation. Founder & Director of Women Entrepreneurs in Africa (South Africa, Ghana, Togo and Benin) and International Program Director at Staesa.I attained Degree in Accountancy.

Extensively working in 15 African countries in the area of social programs and projects for the past twenty (20) years. Connecting towns, cities, villages and people in Africa to the outside world and touching many lives. Making positive impact, bringing development such is sustainable job creation and small scale business management

(Poverty alleviation project), construction of schools and shelter for orphans, water and sanitation for poor communities.

Tree planting and forestry conservation, environmental project and climate change, child school fees, education, training and health care matters are my main focus.

To see my people in Africa fully liberated and developed spiritually, physically, economically and emotionally are my greatest joy.


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