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The importance of being called a vice-president.

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

The importance of being called a vice-president.

After several, eternal days of recount. After several, eternal years, of ridiculousness and absurdity of seeing a grotesque, histrionic and disproportionate character being president of one of the biggest most powerful countries in the world. After a year of frightening news and a generalized feeling of anxiety, finally, we received some good news. Biden beat Trump on becoming the 46th President of the United States of America. With him, also came some other good news: Kamala Harris became the first female Vice President of the United States.

Kamala shared a video on her twitter account, on where she states the following words: ‘’While I May be de First, I won’t be the last”.

Any little girl from anywhere between New York and California, that night, could have dreamed that perhaps, one day when she grows up, she could also become Vice President of her country.

That is the importance of having references. The path that some women create, with a lot of effort and work against a patriarchal system that puts two million barriers on each step of their way, it’s not only an achievement for history, their lives and careers, it’s a small hope of possibility. Something that has happened once, is something that can always happen again, something that can always happen to you. Something to fight for.

Having references helps normalize achievements. One single female astronaut is a milestone, 50 it becomes a normality.

Elizabeth Blackwell was rejected by twelve universities before graduating from medical school in the University of Geneva, West New York, in 1849, with the highest grades in her generation. Even so, she was not accepted into any jobs in the United States and had to move to France, where they advised her to study obstetrics. And so, she did. Back in New York, after much work, she founded the School of Nursing, in 1957, and expanded it into a medical school years after. In 1899, 364 women graduated from her school, and from there, women from all over the world claimed their rights to become doctors.

Blackwell was the first reference and example that led thousands of women to fulfill their biggest dreams.

Tsai Ing-wen (Taiwan), Jacinta Arden (New Zealand) and Angela Merkel (Germany) are currently some of the most important women who lead countries, as well as responding efficiently to the pandemic. The presence of women in political decision-making positions is important yet essential to ensure that this world stops, once and for all, trying to silence what is happening with the 50% of its population.

The importance of being called Ernesto, to which the headline of this article refers, is a comedy by Oscar Wilde about the customs and seriousness of society, with its topics and difficult positions in the face of change. With Biden, those of us who believed that a progressive world is possible, we have now won a battle. With Kamala, women around the world have taken a step forward towards change and equality.

Pic by Elle

Translated by Sean Dean Domenech


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