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The leadership of Margaret Kenyatta.

First Lady of the Republic of Kenya.

Her Excellency is passionate about the welfare of women. She has also joined the fight against cervical cancer and is raising awareness about the stigma associated with the illness. Margaret Kenyatta is perhaps best known for ‘Beyond Zero’ – a campaign aimed at complimenting the Government of Kenya’s effort to eliminate maternal and child mortality and HIV/AIDS.

The campaign was unveiled in 2013 on World AIDS Day, and launched on 24 January 2014. Many international organizations have joined Kenyatta and the Kenyan government in supporting Beyond Zero.The campaign's first action was the donation of fully equipped mobile clinics to several counties in Kenya during the summer of 2014, beginning with Taita Taveta County

Beyond Zero has the overall goal of eliminating all preventable maternal and child deaths in Kenya by 2023. It has three primary objectives:

  • Raising awareness of the need for good maternal and child health and its relationship to a nation's strength and prosperity;

  • Mobilizing funds to support maternal, newborn and child health initiatives and to focus public attention on the challenges surrounding maternal, newborn and child health in Kenya; and

  • Educating women on the need for a healthy lifestyle, e.g. participating in sports, and encouraging them to adopt preventive health strategies.

The initiative is a component of the Office of the First Lady's 2013-2017 Strategic Framework, which supports United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) #4 and #5.

The strategic framework encompasses five key areas:

  1. Accelerating the elimination of HIV.

  2. Mobilizing funds in support of maternal health, child health, and HIV control initiatives.

  3. Educating men in support of the Beyond Zero efforts as clients, partners, and agents of change.

  4. Engaging communities to eliminate barriers to access to HIV, maternal and child health services.

  5. Providing leadership, accountability, and recognition to accelerate the attainment of HIV, maternal and child health targets.

In March 2017, she was awarded the prestigious Fellowship Honouris Causa from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (RCOG) in recognition of theFirst Lady’s unflinching commitment to end maternal and child mortality in Kenya and reduce mother-to-child HIV transmission under her Beyond Zero Initiative

Pic by Margaret Kenyatta.

Curator @munllonch

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