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WE ARE OPEN. Social and Business Incubator Program in Reiger Park Project in Johannesburg, S. Africa

✨ My name is Pastor Simon. I based in a community called Reiger Park. Reiger Park is classified as a suburb a very poor community with it inhabitants called the coloured. A mixed race nation. Reiger Park is with the population of less than 1 million people. Predominantly with unemployed women, Single mothers, school dropouts and drug related issues. I have a Degree in Accountancy and a qualified reflexologist. In Ghana I worked in a hospital and NGO called Students Youth Travel Organization (SYTO) and Youth link.

✨Women Entrepreneurs In Africa is in a strong partnership with Coachability Foundation. Since the formation of WEIN, Coachability Foundation has been very instrumental in our operations to make sure we achieve our goals. WEIN together with Coachability Foundation are working very closely with poor women, unemployed women, women without any formal education, single mothers in Reiger Park who are interested to go into business. These women have no idea at all about business but they believe in themselves they can! and they are interested to venture into business with little training and guidance. The program is to eradicate poverty, harness potential in these women, create sustainable job and making these women successful business women in the community

✨With the tremendous help from Coachability Foundation a co-working will be established in our community to enable us run this unique program successfully. The co-working will serve as an incubator with internet and computers facilities where by the women will be well developed in businesses, run very unique poverty eradication program, creating sustainable jobs, give online business management training, online training on how to create facebook and other social media, online book keeping training and computer training.

✨The incubator is a very good idea. its establishment will change lives of many women and bring developments into the community. The incubator will successfully train many women in business and day to day running of business. This will enable these women to running their own businesses in a small and large scale. The incubator will help the women to be well established in their various businesses, eradicate poverty, increase tremendous employment among other women in the community, making the women economically independent and also help the women to give back to the community.

✨This is a very important program that works with very intelligent women. Women with great potential, some with little and others with no education at all. Single mothers and very poor women and women with no idea of business. These are kind of women we work with.

✨We will like to use this opportunity to invited individuals, universities, government agencies, non-profit and non-governmental organisations to collaborate with us to eradicate poverty, sustainable job creation, increase the rate of employment, get these unique women established in their own sustainable businesses. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

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