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✿ Wise advice by Kavita Mathur⁠

✿ Wise advice by Kavita Mathur⁠ ❛ For any organisation to be able to make an impact on the critical yet neglected issue of gender diversity, it is imperative to get a complete handle on what the gender parity data is telling us – which in itself will create the case for action ❜⁠ ⁠

What do we mean by diversity?

The phrase “a diverse workforce” often has been interpreted within the sphere of equality law. In this respect, it means ensuring the workforce has a healthy balance of males and females, and that no one is discriminated against on the basis of age, ethnicity, class and so on. Many governments have legislation in place to protect the rights of workers in minorities or groups facing potential discrimination.

Employee diversity—across lines of gender, ethnicity, country of birth, age and others—has become a hot boardroom topic across the globe. It is becoming not only a critical issue for human resources (HR) executives, but a major part of corporate strategy. The most diverse labor forces in the world to be ⁠Norway, New Zealand, Iceland,Australia, Switzerland, ⁠The Netherlands Canada, with Norway’s strong performance driven by particularly high levels of gender diversity. ⁠ Toward the lower end of the rankings are Italy, ⁠Japan France, ranked only marginally ahead of the least diverse labor forces in the Czech Republic, Turkey and Pakistan.⁠

⁠Pic Brooke Cagle

A report from Oxford Economic.The Global Diversity Report⁠ .An annual guide to measure global employee diversity 12. And Women in business: building a blueprint for action March 2019 ⁠⁠ #cultureleader #leader #genderdiversity #diversity ##coachabilityfoundation #coachability #coachabilityfoundationteam #team #empoweringentrepreneurwomen #empoweringwomen #empowering #powerwomen #creative #transformativeleadershipthroughcreativity #employeediversity #diversity #genderdiversity #genderparity


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