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Womenpreneur. Dolors Arroyo.

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Womenpreneurs Project: an up-close and personal view of women creating power by Noèlia Ribó.

“Paradises are only made with our own hands, with our own creativity in harmony with the free creativity if nature.”

Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

When we live in alignment and harmony, things turn out much better. As human beings in freedom, we are in charge of our lives, that means: past, present and future. WE SHOULD NEVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, ALLOW ANYONE DECIDE FOR US: we are the OWNERS of our destiny. Accordingly, we must learn to think thoroughly about what we want to do. Every decision has consequences. So it’s up to all of us to choose wisely.

It’s OK to make decisions and then to have a change of heart. It’s FINE if we are angry or happy. It’s totally perfect whether to say NO or YES. As long as we make up our minds in tune with our heart, it will be all right. What really matters is to have our mind and our soul in consonance and aligned with our needs and energy.

Harmony comes when all the elements line up in peace to complete the cycle of life in the best productive way, and just as it happens in nature, any disturbance ends up in disaster. Nature has its own way of trying to fix whatever is in distress regarding its own elements: Water, Earth, Wood, Fire and Metal. In life it should be the same. Nature is our best teacher, it’s very essential we make the effort to keep the elements of our lives in order: it’s about working on aspects such as our Career, Wisdom, Family, Self-Empowerment, Fame, Relationships, Creativity/Children and People/Help.

Only when we focused on the inside and give it the right care, we will be able to work on the outside.

So ladies, take care of yourselves. Dance in harmony and walk firmly along the beautiful and tricky path of life.



FIELD: Interior Designing based on the Feng Shui Philosophy.

Tuesday, February, 2020

Meeting point, Skype (Granollers-Barcelona, Spain )

11.50 am

Dolors Arroyo is the 4th woman we have interviewed for The Womenpreneur Project so far. I must say that each one of them is a new experience and a whole bunch of new entrepreneur tips and life experiences these women are giving us.

She is all about being grounded to a new reality, a very balanced and meaningful reality. She is hardworking and determined to her goals in life, either her professional and personal life. After a tough process of rearranging her own personal values and structures, and after what she claims as “it was a big effort to give up some aspects of the professional life, like for example, not working at the weekends to have quality time with her son and husband”.val She is getting to the exact point she is right know: a woman who is happy with her achievements and happy with the existing balance in her life.

She wants to be present, and for what I can tell, she being present and honest to herself is the way she can help others at her job. Space and people’s attitude toward this same space are the key to having good results. And she is all for good results. While I was interviewing her I could sense the idea of a woman who speaks her truth. She is not only sure about what she says, but you can also really tell that she follows suit.

Shee defends dedication and she knows as a woman and as an entrepreneur, the time you dedicate to your company will end up in more or less immediate results. Dedication and honesty are the key for success, and success has nothing to do with showing off. She has learnt to get along with her own limits and, in order to do that, as women, we must learn that we don’t have to prove a thing to anyone. And for this reason, we DO NOT have to pick up all the fights. It’s much more practical to learn how to choose the ones worth fighting for.

She sure values who she is. And this is what makes her special. High expectations are compensated with much higher experiences. Dolors has a value added, and her words are high and clear. Believe in what she says, because it is what took her to the exact point she is right now, and it is going to take her much further in life. She is good at being conscious and she knows that she has on her shoulders the responsibility of her own clients’ as if it was her own.

Again, that’s being present and responsibly having both her feet on the ground. She is an example and a wonderful Womenpreneur!

Enjoy the interview ladies!


I am Dolors Arroyo, since I was little I have been a leader. I often expressed my opinion and thought that I would do things to change the world and injustices. I am 40 years old. I was born in Barcelona and since I started working at the age of 16 I was aware that I wanted to be a "BOSS". Later on, I realized that what I really wanted was to do things my way.

I am the mother of Leo who is 6 years old (born in 2014) and I am the wife of Adrià (Leo's father) who is 41. Being a mother was the trigger to start the project I have been developing since 2011. From 2007 to 2014, I worked in a company to which I devoted a lot of time and effort. Motherhood gave me the strength to make the difficult decision to leave my job.

For 2 years while raising Leo, which was not a small thing, I have been collaborating with other professionals and training. In 2016 I registered in the Social Security Wealth Fare Service and the project was formalized. I was already self-employed and an entrepreneur!

Dream fulfilled!

But I didn't imagine things would be that difficult.

Before long, I realized that I was a very good professional, but I had no idea how a company worked and I lacked the capacity to achieve what I wanted.

I started a mentoring program in Barcelona Activa (Lidera) and trained in a business school for 2 years. I learned that by myself I would not reach my goals.

A freelancer changes time for money and my results did not allow me to have time for my family, not enough money to live the way I wanted.

The change was very positive, I realized that in order to grow, I had to lead a team and take over the management of the company.