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Book that every entrepreneur woman should read. Headwinds by Helga Evelyn Samuel.

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

∺ Book that every entrepreneur woman should read. "Headwinds: A Personal Story to Spark Corporate Diversity Conversations“ by Helga Evelyn Samuel.

The aim of the book is to help those in the Western world to better understand the challenges that non-Western expats/ immigrants typically face and help them integrate better in the Dutch/ Western society.

The book also offers tips for expats, their spouses and friends of expats.

✧ The author steps out of her comfort zone when she begins her life as an expat spouse. Over the course of her overseas moves from India to Oman and then to The Netherlands, she encounters several headwinds.Written with honesty, humour and vulnerability, Helga describes her extraordinarily large aspirations, her move abroad with her small family, the squashing of old dreams and the birthing of new ones. She takes you on a journey through her experiences and weaves in nuggets of wisdom that will benefit anyone looking to grow stronger through life’s difficult circumstances and thrive in any new, unfamiliar place.

More details about the book as well as reviews from leading management voices can be found here.

✿ Who is this #remarkable woman ?

Helga’s fascination for cross-culture began in New Delhi, where she spent a significant part of her childhood. 

She grew up in an international environment and her close friends and acquaintances were from different parts of the world.  These early encounters kindled in her a sense of curiosity, deep appreciation and fascination for people from other cultures. When her family moved to Chennai several years lat

er, Helga was very keen to note the cultural differences that existed between North and South Indians.

Helga has a Master’s in Communication and a second Master's in International Management from a top-ranking university

in The Netherlands. Helga has been taught and trained by leading cross-cultural management experts and globally acclaimed thought leaders.

Helga is fluent in six languages (English, German, Dutch, French, Hindi and Tamil). She has experience living and working in three different continents (Asia, Middle East and Europe) and has traveled extensively to the US, UK, South East Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Over the past 15 years, Helga has worked in various roles and capacities in Asia, Middle East and Europe.Helga’s passion for helping people from different cultural backgrounds to respect and understand each other and work together towards a common purpose has been the primary reason behind founding Curry & Culture Company.

Helga currently partners with ACCESS- The Netherlands as an ACCESS Diversity Equity & Inclusion Con

Pic by © Helga Samuel

Source by Wikipedia, bol and Good Readers. #bestentrepreneurbooksever #bookseveryentrepreneurshouldread

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