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Changermakers : Iben Krog Rasmussen.

The complicated truth about food | Iben Krog Rasmussen

Iben is one of four young women who founded Frej – Denmark’s first think tank on food. Iben has a Masters in political science and has been working in politics, been blogging for one of the biggest Danish newspapers, and is regularly on Danish radio and television. She grew up on a conventional commercial farm, is a member of the Danish Youth Climate Council, and collaborates with United Nation on the SDGs. Iben is a professional speaker and has given talks to college students, farmers, and CEOs.

I am driven by the belief that we can and must do better in Denmark! 

It is true that food production is responsible for one-fourth of the global greenhouse gasses.

However, it is also true that we need food for the growing population. It is true that through conventional farming practices, pesticides are frequently leached through the soil, and end up contaminating precious groundwater.

But it is also true that chemistry has helped farmers to produce food in more efficient ways, leaving more space to nature.

What is sustainable food production and consumption then?

In this deeply felt talk, Iben Krog argues that there are no simple answers.

On a spectrum of black to white, the truth lies somewhere in between.

Pic by Iben Krog Rasmussen

Curator Munllonch


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