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Talk about us.Diane Krall, the woman at the top of Jazz

Diana Krall one the closet soul mates of Coachability Foundation.

We pay tribute to those empowered women, who contribute to changing the world, or at least part of it.

One of these women is Diana Krull, a Canadian singer and pianist who was never expected to achieve such success. She became a lover of music at 4 years old, when she started her piano lessons. She has always been surrounded by the support of her entire family, also lovers of music, especially jazz. Her father collects albums by the American jazz pianist, Fast Waller, who she uses as a model when performing his songs.

She spends her adolescence close to her loved ones, in her hometown of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. And one day, she is discovered by her mentor and manager, Ray Brown. From this moment, she begins her journey through Hollywood, under the guidance of the Hollywood Bowl Hall Director and pianist Jimmy Rowles.

Diana is gaining more and more confidence and her vocals are blossoming. She records her first album "Stepping out" in 1990, with the small record label, Justin Time. If we follow her climb to the top, we find albums like "All for you" in 1996, after which, "The New York Times" places her among the 10 most prestigious musicians of the year. And then, in 1999, when she released "When I Look in Your Eyes" she gets her First Platinum Disc, as well as the Grammy Award for the best album in 25 years. At that time, Diana already jumps from one height to another, collaborating in soundtracks of series such as "Sex and the City" or the movie "The Score", turning her into an idol of well-known actors like Harrison Ford and great musicians like Elton John or Sting.

Finally, the acclaimed German musician Claus Ogerman joins Diana, as a director of the London Symphony Orchestra in the accompaniment of classics and "The look of love" with which she wins two Grammy Awards.

However life doesn’t always give you notice and can suddenly give a setback that will make you rethink your personal destiny and of course, professional. Adella, her mother, loses a tireless fight against a lymphatic cancer dying in 2002, at the age of sixty. This shift brings out the most sensitive part of Diana in her music with the composition "The girl in the other room" which she sings at the charity concert for the treatment of Leukemia at Vancouver Hospital. She performs alongside her husband, the British musician, Elvis Costello, and her great friend Elton John.

After the death of her mother, her compositions, ballads, melodies are filled with feelings that show Diana to be more emotional, as well as multifaceted. It is a mix between the professional field and the most intimate part that belongs to all of us. This is said to be her greatest triumph, with astronomical economical results.

A favorite of the most aggressive critics, admired by her classmates, and much loved by her fans, Diana Krall accumulates five Grammys, five Gold Discs, three Platinum Discs and sells fifteen million records. She has become the best female vocalist-pianist of jazz of all time, although she does not lose sight of her roots. She doesn´t forget her family with whom she shared countless Sunday afternoons performing the classics of Sinatra at home, in the small coastal town of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.

Diana Krall - Fly me to the moon.

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