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Elevate Your Summer Reading: Must-Read Books by Women Authors"

As summer approaches, so does the desire to fill our time with activities that our daily routines often don't allow space for. Traveling, strolling, relaxing, watching movies, and reading. One common goal is to reduce the stack of unread books that have accumulated on our shelves, eagerly awaiting our attention.

Instead of encouraging you to tackle them in order, like climbers conquering a peak, I aim to add two or three more titles for your consideration.

Here are my two recommendations, both written by women who masterfully captured their worlds, focusing on the often-overlooked perspectives.

I, Tituba: Black Witch of Salem by Maryse Condé  

In this novel, Condé reconstructs the story of Tituba, a slave accused of witchcraft during the infamous Salem witch trials. Where history has left gaps and unresolved questions, Condé fills them with fiction, presenting Tituba's journey from her birth in Barbados, her sale into slavery, and the physical and psychological abuse she endured due to the prevailing superstition and racism of the time. The story realigns Tituba’s narrative, bringing her back to her native Barbados to witness the early slave revolts after history loses track of her. Condé offers a fresh perspective on one of the most well-known witchcraft tales, highlighting the persecution, false accusations, and economic exploitation from a viewpoint rarely considered: the racial oppression and enslavement of a Black woman.

Suite Française by Irène Némirovsky  

For years, this collection of stories remained hidden among the sorrowful memories of a family mourning a mother and grandmother. Némirovsky, interned and murdered by the Nazis in a concentration camp, left this book unfinished. Her daughter recovered it years later, and her grandson subsequently re-edited it to stay true to the original manuscript. The stories vividly depict the Nazi invasion of Paris and the ensuing flight of Parisians from all walks of life to the surrounding villages. Irène's writing immerses the reader in the historical events, her characters serving as vivid reflections of the times. This novel is indispensable for understanding history from the perspective of those who endured it.

These two readings should undoubtedly rise to the top of your pending list, allowing you to enjoy and share them this summer.

Written by Irene Sanchez Masegosa

Pic by Angello Pro angello_pro


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