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Entrepreneurship : Hakim's Pastry.

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Entrepreneurship : Hakim's Pastry, Creativity with a pinch of sugar⁠.

Yvette and Denise are extraordinary women. They have this very especial company, Hakim’s Pastry, which is their passion, living, hobby, dream, and their future. It’s who they are, every single pore of Hakim’s Pastry is meticulously checked by both sisters, it is them in essence, from beginning to end. The reason why they should be very proud of what they have become. ⁠

You can tell from the very first moment you contact them that they are always ready for whatever you offer them to do and as a force of nature, they never hold back. They fight, no matter what. They are always onto the next project, the next step. And that’s the key to their well-deserved success, they are always inventing and reinventing themselves to be better, to make their clientele happy and satisfied, 24/7. ⁠

In fact, when you talk to them you can feel their love for what they do, explaining the long process of creation of Hakim’s Pastry in a very humble and human way. They have both feet on the ground. They don’t like loose ends and they work hard to achieve what they expect and imagine their pastry to be and offer. ⁠

Theirs admirable and exemplary leadership and help for other women, their working family as they call them, is total. They are natural leaders and as women, as entrepreneurs, and as sisters, they never take anything for granted. They receive and give gratitude in an equal balance.⁠

They have a very bright future, even brighter than their present. Follow and have an eye on them. They are destined to greatness.

Thank you, Hakim’s Pastry, for your collaboration with us. ⁠

Watch this amazing interview.

Text Noèlia Ribó⁠

Pic Yvette & Denise Hakim

Source :Hakim's Pastry⁠

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