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Feminism and Capitalism

The society in which we find ourselves, across the globe to varying degrees, is built on a patriarchal model where privileges are monopolized by a segment of the population: males. This model conveniently aligns with capitalism, emphasizing that privilege increases if one is white, heterosexual, and possesses wealth.

Capitalism thrives on economic inequality, just as patriarchy thrives on gender inequality. Both systems assign roles to ensure the processes they feed on continue to operate, working hard to perpetuate the traditional role of women associated with the private sphere, reproduction, and caregiving within the family, while men are seen as the promoters of work in the public sphere and deemed more fit for leadership positions. In essence, feminism and capitalism share a similar structure.

Getting rid of a privilege acquired and exercised for so many years is not an easy task. For most men, stepping aside, let alone stepping back, to facilitate women breaking free from sticky floors and shattering glass ceilings is a challenging endeavor.

Every day, feminism strives to narrow these gaps in all areas. In the words of Indian activist Vandana Shiva, "Feminism has to fight to end capitalism," as it directly addresses the root problem: inequality wielded as a weapon of privilege.

One fundamental tool for women in the struggle against capitalism and patriarchy is undoubtedly entrepreneurship. New productive models are needed that place women and alternative perspectives at the forefront. By distancing the entrepreneurial profile from the masculine model and adopting leadership roles that deviate from the current norm, we work towards a society with real and effective equality. Cooperatives, where women have a significant and majority presence, serve as the best example.

Another productive model is possible, and through it, another world can be as well.

Written by Irene Sánchez

Pic Debora Bacheschi


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