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Talk about us.Little dolls.

I do not know what has happened to me, I have done it without thinking ... Yes, I confess, I have entered the bathroom for the people, also known as men's room. I will apologize as many times necessary, of course ... But it is that, (and I do not pretend to justify myself, I know I have no excuse),

Sandra Palau

I always tend to go to the left, (it is a fixation that I have) I imagine it must be because I'm left-handed. And I think my wrong decision has also been caused because my lips are rather thin, I wear trousers, flat shoes, I forgot the mirror at home and today I do not feel like smiling (Yes, sometimes women do not smile or flirt, but it does not mean that we are angry). Who has smiled is the man who has seen me enter the bathroom for the people. He has given me a sleazy and disgusting look (you know the kind of look I am talking about), and while he was winking at me he was making some strange movements with his mouth. (Yes, they can do several things at once.)

Fortunately, he has not seen the sanitary towel I was holding, otherwise, the fantasy created by the gentleman would have vanished and we do not want that at all. I have always found the clandestine way women have to hide sanitary towels very funny, as if we were trafficking...

Oh, bathrooms ... I have realized that it's the ideal setting for Stanley Kubrick films, it is where the most shocking moments of the film take place. But well, sorry, that is not what I wanted to say... Do not we all use that pure and immaculate container for the same?

Nooooo, but of course not, no way, we cannot mix up to do these things ... Some of us are people and some others are dolls. Anyway ... What would we do without that sexual dichotomy ... What would we do without those kind gentlemen who tell us their opinion about our physical aspect, what we would do without the social and labor injustice ... Entrepreneurial woman? Phew! Are you sure? I would think it twice if I were you, charming people will worry about you and they will give you kind phrases such as... "And does your husband already allow you?", "Then ... don’t you want to have children?", "And will you have time to take care of yourself as well as the family? ", or more positive comments such as ..." How lucky you are that your husband helps at home and allows you to do your things! "And when you finally lead your own business, there will always be some scatterbrain person who will enter your office and look at you from top to bottom and they will say: "Where is the boss?" ... Oh, yes ... what we would do without those males who have very macho male conversations ... Please, please, objectify us! It is much more fun!We all love to see women with that face of orgasm advertising any product ... Of course, we are sex objects invented to entertain ... How? Well, through videos, photographs ... And in that exact moment, while they drool and mock, there are no social or cultural classes ... And we have all been born and raised in a heteropatriarchal society in which all these attitudes are normalized. Our thinking, our lexicon, has been built on a base of evident sexist discrimination. And so we remain intact, celebrating the day for women, while we keep convincing ourselves that we are evolving ....

Because, we, the little dolls, with our fists raised (and the mirror below) will continue taking actions and undertaking projects.

Written by Sandra Palau

Translated by Noèlia Ribó

Pic by Jéan Béller

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