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#MijnNaamIsPeter My name is Peter.

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Dutch women call attention to workplace inequality on LinkedIn at the finally of January.

Hundreds of women changed their name to “Peter” on LinkedIn in order to raise awareness about the lack of diversity in major Dutch companies, after recent investigations found there are more CEOs called Peter than there are CEOs that are women.

Back in October 2020, a survey of the Netherlands’ top 100 companies found there were more CEOs named Peter than there were female CEOs in total, a sad fact that didn’t change much since then, so LinkedIn females united.

In an initiative by Dutch organization WOMEN Inc. in collaboration with women branding agency BrandedU and Amsterdam based digital branding agency The Family, women were invited to change their first name to Peter on LinkedIn between January 24 and January 28.


The best performing company in the Netherlands is a.s.r., with a gender equality score of 63%. In comparison, this is 11% lower than the score of Diageo, the top performing company globally in 2019 (out of 3,500+ companies), with a score of 74%.

The average score of these 100 Dutch companies is 37%, indicating that there is further room for improvement in workplace gender equality. The average of the 25 companies on the Dutch AEX index is 48%. This is in between the averages of the French CAC 40 index (52%) and the German DAX 30 index (44%).3

Gender balance across all leadership levels is low, with, for instance, an average of 14% women on executive teams. Half of the companies do not even have one woman at this level. 88% of Dutch companies do not publish gender-segregated pay information for their own workforce and none monitors the gender pay gap of its suppliers.


Overall, the percentage of women in top positions in Dutch companies is particularly low.

Two companies have a female chairperson: Intertrust and Air France KLM.

In the 100 Dutch companies, there are more men named Peter (five) than female CEOs (four). The four companies with a female CEO are: Intertrust, PostNL, Wolters Kluwer, and DSM (female co-CEO) 14 companies have a female CFO

The Equileap Gender ScorecardTM is inspired by the UN’s Women Empowerment Principles. For each gender criterion, one or several metrics have been identified to evaluate it. Last, a score and weighting has been allocated to each criterion to reflect that some issues may be more important for furthering gender equality than others.(Gender Equality in Netherlands. 2020 )

Source Dutch Review Netherlands.

Pic by @monicasilva⁠

Curator @munllonch


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