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"Ring your bell collection" exclusive rings with solidarity purpose.

Ring your bell Collection. A new collection of 3 exclusive rings of MOOD Collection Switzerland designed by Marina Salazar. Part of the sales of this collection go thought to support our programs of empowering entrepreneur women in Africa.

“At first, I was very jealous, and then it was my extension.” Marina Salazar Gil

@noquedaTinte "Life in plastic is fantastic"


Marina Salazar is 30 years old and she was born and still lives in Barcelona. Graduated in Graphic Design at the BAU, where she currently teaches, she has two Masters, one in Motion Graphics and 3D and the other in Research and Experimentation in Design. Freelance, restless, in desire to collaborate in any project that is an interesting challenge, she leaves her personal mark in everything she does, adapting to the needs of clients in each new job she takes. A head-to-toe blonde artist who was awarded with the 2018 Crema Award at the Blanc Festival, the belt for talent given to the best emerging design studio.


I document about Marina looking at the photos and her bio on her website I am amazed by the ability she has to show clarity, order and simplicity with content that is sometimes quite baroque. In her description, I am struck by the fact that she mentions that she likes to look at old photos, sushi, singing in the shower and wrapping gifts. As a lousy gift wrapper, I think it's always good to have someone around who knows how to get where you can't. Surely, that is what Marina does in her portfolio, a new twist, reaching where the rest of us would not have even suspected that there was a path to follow.

You define yourself as minimalist and somewhat kitsch. Wouldn't those be contradictory terms?

Not at all, you can be both at the same time, or at least, that's what I like to think. These terms speak of the extremes among which I usually move around. Putting together apparently contradictory things, and just seeing what happens and what is created from this. It’s a fun tension that works with the limits, seeks the balance among the seemingly distant and makes you both feel attracted and horrified at the same time.

You are part of a Social Responsibility project with designer Joan Carles Brenchat and Mood Collection Switzerland. A collection of 3 rings sold exclusively to raise funds for the Coachability Foundation. What did encourage you to participate in this project?

From the first moment, the proposal seemed very interesting to me. Not only because of the idea of ​​working in a community to empower women, but also because of the collaboration with different professionals from other fields. The proposal to participate came from a person whom I have a lot of affection for and when I met the rest of the team I saw that it is a very necessary project. It could give visibility to both women entrepreneurs in countries such as South America or South Africa and to those who participate from the inside of the project. In addition, I wanted to see how I could manage myself developing and creating rings.

You had already participated in a project to empower women, it is important to help each other.

In fact, I am working on a project called Mamaleonas right now. The name come from the idea that these felines come with their children, to set an example that it is not necessary to give up work for raising children. This organization comes from Active BCN, where they offer women in social exclusion academic training from fashion. We teach it at BAU, they teach them to sew, do modelling, etc. We work on a product line with them and I am in charge of empowering them in creativity. It is very interesting.

Feminists usually ask ourselves when facing some examples of the day-to-day life, "Where are women?" Do you notice any inequality or lack of opportunities in your world?

Today, as a professor at the university I have observed that the number of female students has increased considerably in the classrooms, in fact they are the vast majority. But, yes, it is true that on a professional level, especially in terms of visibility, the male presence is the predominant one in the sector, which surprises me. Personally, I have never had any problems or any limitation for being a woman, quite the opposite.

You talk about open collaboration channels, among some of your projects, there are the Dorian's album covers. What other collaborations do you highlight?

Right now, I am exhibiting at La Plataforma (Pujades 99, Barcelona) an art gallery that has put their trust in me with the launch of my first exhibition "Surviving Objects" as this year's emerging artist. The idea, despite the current uncertainty, is that the exhibition will last until November. On Thursday 29 and Friday 30 October I will be painting live at the opening of the exhibit

It is often said that self-employed freelances and entrepreneurs have to mark a differential point to sell their own brand, what would be yours?

I am at a point of my career when I am up for everything. Humor, authenticity, daring, criticism, empowerment, color, sparkles…These are all the common ingredients that you can see in most of my projects. They talk about me as a person, my way of understanding the world and my history, they mark a style as a designer that differentiates me and positions me as a brand.

As a trainer and teacher, what would you like your students to learn from you?

My classes are basically based on making them look for their “POWER”, that personal talent that makes each one of them unique. Discovering together what they like, what they don't like, what they are good at and empowering them to move forward from there. It’s all about making them find their own voice, teaching them to use curiosity, to have references from many fields and to try to have fun with each of the projects they undertake. For them to be able to find their own shine for them to know how to take it to their field to be comfortable is something that I find super important and fundamental in our profession.

Tell me about a project that you especially like or that you would like to highlight

My current favorite project is “De Corazón”. I have always loved “little useless objects”, figures, figurines, sculptures, statues, ceramics, porcelains and souvenirs in general, all this kitsch imaginary that has to do with objectology. This project bases its starting point on the recovery and restoration of second-hand pieces to subject them to a transformation and give them a new life. A hack in the original piece that previously fulfilled a purely aesthetic function (usually on a shelf in our grandparents' house), implementing new messages and critical codes full of political content, color, humor and social controversy within the figures. Updated pieces from the resignification of our cultural heritage, where innovation and classic come together, to give way to a new icon.

How has this “Covid era” affected you?

On the positive side, I think it has been a space or time bubble used to paint, cut, paste and «glitter». This has helped me a lot to cope with the confinement and to feel active and productive. I had many pieces bought and placed in my HomeLAB "house-museum-workshop" so it caught me with enough material to be here for a long time. This gave me the opportunity to move forward and I realized that my house is like Leroy Merlin. There is a lack of stock in food and masks, but oh my! There is no lack in little objects all around!

And in negative?

On the negative side, I think that the uncertainty is affecting me above all the management and organization, not knowing what we will be able to do in these new circumstances, nor when or in what way. Valuing whether it is worth the effort. For example, with all the production of items to sell this next Christmas.

What plans do you have for the future?

I am currently trying to work on the more commercial development of the “De corazón” project and look for a strategy so that it can get feedback. This is a challenge for me at a work level, since I don't have much knowledge about marketing, nor a team behind that can manage it. However, challenges com first: infinity and beyond!


“Humor, authenticity, daring, criticism, empowerment, color, brilliance… These are all the common ingredients that you can see in most of my projects. They talk about me as a person, my way of understanding the world and my history, they mark a style as a designer that differentiates me and positions me as a brand. "

Translated by Noèlia Ribó

Graphic designer : Joan Carles Brenchat

Mood Store Barcelona : Dubraska Santos

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