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Talk about us. Esther Duflo, the Second Woman Ever to Win the Nobel Prize in Economics.

Talk about us. Esther Duflo becomes second woman to win the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences, with Abhijit Banerjee and Michael Kremer also recognised for their research alleviating poverty.

In comments made at a news conference following her win, Duflo, as only the second woman to win the prize since its inception in 1969 (the first woman to win the prize was Elinor Ostrom in 2009), said she wants to be an inspiration for women in her field.

"Showing that it is possible for a woman to succeed and be recognized for success I hope is going to inspire many, many other women to continue working and many other men to give them the respect that they deserve like every single human being," she said.

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel has been handed to Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Michael Kremer of Harvard.

All three were recognised for their “experiment-based approach” to tackling global poverty, and using randomised control trials to discover which educational outcomes or child health initiatives actually work.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences declared:

The Laureates’ research findings – and those of the researchers following in their footsteps – have dramatically improved our ability to fight poverty in practice. As a direct result of one of their studies, more than five million Indian children have benefitted from effective programes of remedial tutoring in schools.

Another example is the heavy subsidies for preventive healthcare that have been introduced in many countries.

Pic ©Esther Duflo.



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