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Talk about us. The Difficult Art of Being Yourself.

The Difficult Art of Being Yourself.

Sometimes being yourself is a difficult task. A few years ago I read an interesting book from Erich Fromm," Escape from freedom". It was a revelation, all the book were marvelous reflections about fear, society, freedom and how the individual can be themselves.

In my opinion, society silences our voice. I really think that nowadays discover who you are, what you want and how do you want to live is really a big challenge.

Erich Fromm wrote: " modern man lives in an illusion, he thinks that knows what he wants, but really he only desires what society wants." This affirmation shows that people need to invest effort in being themselves because society pushes them to be what it wants.

It seems to me that, sometimes, worth one’s while to make the effort to become what you are, grow to be the person that you are essentially.

Written by Montse Ferrer i Masagué

Pic by Mateus Ferrero


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