• Montse Domínguez i Munllonch

Common Stories.The perfect imperfection.

Stories about empowered women.

Today, I have decided that I don't want to be " a perfect mother". I only want to be his mother. I am completely tired to play a character: I read too many books, I saw too many movies, I heard too many stories I am going to flow with my intuition.

We need to be human being again.There is not only one motherhood. The best advice;create and design yours.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Hoy, he decidido que no quiero ser " una madre perfecta".Solo quiero ser su madre. Estoy completamente cansada de interpretar un papel.He leído demasiados libros, he visto demasiadas películas, he escuchado demasiadas historias.Ahora voy a fluir con mi intuición. Necesitamos ser humanos de nuevo. No solo hay un tipo de maternidad El mejor consejo, crea y diseña la tuya.

Dubai, Emiratos Árabes.


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