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Wed Music. Girls by Santigold.

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

♩Today, we recommend you this revitalizing song "Girls " by #santigold

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✿ Who is that girl ? ⁠

Santi White(born September 25, 1976), known professionally as Santigold (formerlySantogold), is an American singer, songwriter and record producer. Her debut studio album,Santogold (2008), received critical acclaim. Her second album,Master of My Make-Believe, was released in 2012. She released her third album,99¢, in 2016, and her second mixtape,I Don't Want: The Gold Fire Sessions, in 2018.

White has a mezzo-soprano vocal range, and her style has been compared often to that of M.I.A.

In response to the comparison, White stated that they are both "women who have similar influences and have worked with some of the same people," but that her "music is different and she wasn't influenced by what the press was saying", adding, "I can't think of anybody who would be a better fit of somebody who I'm like... I think what's accurate about that comparison is that she's an artist who has loads of different influences... and is putting things together in a way that's unexpected and genreless."

Santigold and her friend Amanda Blank have been described as being part of "a new crop of young, multicultural, female acts in the wake of M.I.A. causing a stir on the Internet and in indie-label conference rooms."

White has also revealed her appreciation of new wave music, saying that "My Superman" is an interpolation of a Siouxsie and the Banshees' song, "Red Light."

The singer has also stated that she is inspired by 1980s pop music, feeling that it "had a depth to it," and that she hopes to "bring back some more good pop songs."[15] The singer's main influences are James Brown and Aretha Franklin and she has cited Devo as her "ultimate favorite band."

White also grew up listening to a lot of reggae, jazz, Fela Kuti and Nigerian music

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