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Artistic Minds. Sisterhood.

Sisterhood : I’m a girl, not different from any other. Don’t be confused by my fancy clothes. These are my mom and my best friend. Since I was a child I always wanted to have a sister. Most of my friends had siblings and I always missed that feeling to have that unconditional love. Someone who was always in all my happy, difficult and important moments so I’d never be alone. Solitude is one of my deepest fears.

When I met Aiko at the school that feeling was replaced for the joy of finding a sister beyond the blood. Blood makes us relatives, love makes real sisterhood. She has a sister and a brother but we are more bound and we understand each other in a way they’ll never do.

From the moment I really understood this simple thing I never had fear to be alone anymore. Even if someday Aiko leaves my life I deeply believe that many others could come as long as I remember the values of sisterhood: really care about others, empathy and compassion. It’s magical to think that your sisters and brothers could be all around the world.

Written by Virginia Méndez


Pic by Damian Hutter @thepuzzlers_damian #coachabilityfoundation #coachability #empoweringentrepreneurwomen #artisticminds #artisticmind #sisterhood #stories #storytelling #storyteller #empoweringartistwomen #empoweringwriterwomen

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