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Changemarker : Fawzia Koofi

Changemarker : Fawzia Koofi

She (Persian: فوزیه کوفی‎; born in 1975) is an Afghan politician and women's rights activist.

Originally from Badakhshan province, Koofi was recently a member of the Afghan delegation negotiating peace with the Taliban in Doha Qatar. She is an ex Member of Parliament in Kabul and was the Vice President of the National Assembly.

Koofi, a former deputy speaker of parliament, was one of only four women in talks to reach a power-sharing deal with the Taliban, which ultimately failed. She described watching the Taliban’s commitment to negotiations change after they signed a peace agreement with the United States in February 2020.

Some of the key women's initiatives that she has championed during her tenure as an MP include: the improvement of women's living conditions in Afghan prisons; the establishment of a commission to combat the issue of violence (especially sexual violence) against children; and the amendment of the shia personal status law.

On 15 August 2021, Afghanistan fell to the Taliban. The lives of women and girls across the country have been severely impacted since the takeover. Girls are banned from attending secondary school, women are unable to continue work, and violence against women is on the rise.

“I wanted other girls to enjoy at least the freedom of choosing which school they should go. But now, their choice is limited to which room in their houses they should spend [their time in] during the day. This is heartbreaking.”

Afghan women leaders speak at the UN: “Give us a seat at the table".

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